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Security: No sliding. No dislodging

As many will testify, traditional off-the-shelf, stretch cap, and ready-to-wear fashion wigs can be unpredictable. While the stretch caps, elastic and velcro versions work adequately over a head of hair, they slide on a bald scalp.

By ensuring a perfect fit that creates suction, Freedom Hair wigs are difficult to dislodge and do not come off accidentally.
Comfort: No more scratching and scalp irritation

Cap materials and hair ends in generic stretch wigs tend to irritate sensitive scalps, especially those with alopecia.

Freedom Hair wigs are smooth, light and feel like a second skin. The hair ends are sealed inside the soft silicone cap, and don't come into contact with the scalp. You'll feel the stylist's fingers on your scalp during styling, and the stylist will feel only hair and scalp too.
Looks: Hair that looks, feels and behaves like the real thing

Most stretch fashion wigs just don't look or behave like real hair. This is because synthetic fibres discolour in the sun or frizz with heat when you open the oven door, while the wefted types open up like a Venetian blind to show areas of hairless scalp between rows of elastic and hair weft.

Even some human hair wigs on the market lack the bounce and resilience of real hair. That's because they're made from highly processed Asian or Indian hair that has been stripped of cuticle and colour, and dyed for the European market.

Freedom Hair wigs are made from top-quality virgin European hair, hair that hasn't been bleached, dyed or processed in any way. Of course, if you are of Asian or Indian descent, your hairpiece can be made using appropriate Asian or Indian hair.

When ordering your Freedom Hair prosthetic you are welcome to specify the type of hair you want and even a particular style. We are more than happy to tailor the hairpiece to your needs. Finding a picture is a great way to communicate your ideas, maybe a photo of you in the past or a totally new style from a magazine.
You are able to specify the following features:

Hair colour
Match your original colour or choose from 20 colours, which can be mixed to create any shade you desire. Your stylist can add streaks or foils for highlighting effects if you choose these optional extras during your styling appointment.

Hair type
Straight, movement, light wave, heavy wave, light curl, or perm (this is done at the styling stage of the process).

In 50 millimetre/two inch increases, from 100 millimetres/four inches to 350 millimetres/14 inches.

Extra light, light, light-medium, medium.

Crown and parting location
Left, centre, right.

Scalp colour
Choose from six tones.

The hair is implanted in the directions and densities needed to create the style you want.

Grey hair
Whites and greys are available if desired.

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