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Debbi will be in Ocean View DE on August 3 rd .  Please call for an appointment!

Debbi will be in Charlotte NC on August 10th and 11th . Please call for an appointment!


Please note, customers who still have my old 800# - I have discontinued this number because of phishing phone calls I was receiving via that number at all hours of the day and night.  Please call in future on the numbers below instead.

Please Note:  Do not use as an email address.  It has been discontinued. My email is below.

Upcoming travel for Debbi: Call  603-835-6753 .  

While I am on the road, please call my cell phone at 603-400-0707

When I am on the road, you can try to reach my cell phone at 603-400-0707.  Please do NOT call that number unless you see that I am travelling.  At home, I have limited service so please use the number above.

Call if you need me to come to your area. I need about 3 weeks notice if I have to fly to your area.  If you live in  PA, DE, MD, VA, WV, or if you are an existing customer in FL, NC or SC, call if you need me to come.  If you live in New England, you can visit me at my home.

Important notice to current customers - if you plan to send in a piece for repair, make sure it is washed and conditioned before you send it.  Include a down payment of $500 with your repair.  The factory will evaluate the repair and let us know the total cost.  The factory will start charging a $25 fee if a piece arrives unwashed.  They obviously do not want to handle a hairpiece that is dirty and they must then take the time to wash it before it can be evaluated.

News:  Your authorized Freedom representative is now the ONLY place to get a New Zealand vacuum in the US.  If you have a vacuum from another company with an NZ inside the cap (PKS), they are no longer affiliated with Freedom and have no access to their vacuum-fitted hairpiece . We cannot repair PKS vacuums anymore as they are all now more than 5 years old.      

When you come for a styling in Keene, remember that the stylists work just like waitstaff at a restaurant and depend on tips for part of their living.  15 to 20% is usual if you liked the service they provide. Ask how much your cut and chemical services will cost before you schedule if you are concerned so you won't have any surprises!    You must speak either to Lana at JC Penney Salon, home phone 603-357-4115 or Colleen at The Hair Spa (cell - 603-313-2953 to make your appointment.  If you want me to be there (I like to be if I can), double check that I am free on the day of your appointment.






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