Wigs for Alopecia

Dear Reader,
Whoever you are, you have come to this page because you either have a type of alopecia yourself, or you care about someone who does. I have had AA (alopecia areata) since I was a small child but I never got full on alopecia totalis until I was an adult. Lucky for me, I found a great solution for myself with Freedom Wigs of New Zealand and I have been an Independent agent for them since 1995. If you are discouraged by the types of wigs you’ve been finding or you already know about vacuum-fit wigs, then you’ve come to the right place. The first step is for you to call me at (603) 835-6753 so that we can see if this product would be a good fit for you personally.

First - What is Alopecia?

The word alopecia means hair loss in Latin. There are many types of alopecia, but the most common forms are Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis. As the names suggest, Areata is circular patches of hair loss that may come and go. Totalis is when you've lost all of the hair on your head and Universalis is when it affects your entire body, including your eyebrows, eyelashes and body hair. The patchy kind is often temporary and about 1 percent of the population will experience a spot or two during their lifetime and they usually grow in on their own. If the patches start to connect, then you may get a more severe form and lose all the hair on your head and then the chances of a spontaneous regrowth are lessened. Most people with the severe forms suffer with this disease for the rest of their lives. There are some promising treatments out there but so far nothing sure and nothing that doesn't currently have side effects of one sort or another. In addition, patients may experience hair loss again after stopping whatever treatment they've tried.

Do I Need a Vacuum Capped Alopecia Wig?

You don't NEED any type of wig if you're comfortable just going au natural, but most of us like to blend in when we go out shopping or to dinner or to work. We don't like to have to explain to everyone about our alopecia so we tend to wear wigs. Problem is that ordinary wigs don't stay on well, tend to be itchy and the hair quality isn't the best. Synthetic wigs can be really cute and cheap but you have to be careful not to expose them to heat (as in cooking) or they will melt! The Freedom Hair vacuum-fit wig is different. We use a laser scanner to get an accurate measurement of your head. The final product is made from medical-grade silicone on the inside and the outer "scalp" is injected strand by strand with gorgeous, unprocessed, virgin European hair. We tend to use mostly European hair because it comes in such a lovely range of colors from black to blonde and everything in between. We never color the hair we use, it is as it grew out of the donor's head. If you want to live a full and active life, then yes, you probably DO need a vacuum capped wig. It will allow you to do the things you've always done, swim, go boating, dance, ski, play tennis, all the things you did without thinking about them before your alopecia.

How Do I Find the Right Alopecia Wig for Myself?

The first step is to call me @ 603-835-6753 or you can start out by emailing me with some basic questions at debbifuller3@gmail.com.  I can tell you about the process and we can go over all the customization options that you have with a Freedom wig.  You get to choose the color, length, wave pattern, part, crown, scalp color etc.  I will help you decide what you need to order to achieve the style you have in mind.

Are Our Wigs for Alopecia Comfortable?

People ask if our wigs are comfortable. They are very comfortable because they fit your head exactly. They don't slip around and the inside is perfectly smooth silicone so there is no itch. Any wig can be warm on a hot and humid day, but the silicone we use is a breathable type of silicone and it allows moisture to wick through the material. If you do get hot, you can pop off our wig in 2 seconds and fill the cap with cold water, dump it out and put it right back on! The hair will not get wet and you'll be back in business. If you are hot in a regular wig, you will sweat into it and if it is glued on, you can't easily remove it to clean your scalp. This is huge for me. I love to be able to wash my head in the shower every day.

Can I Wash My Alopecia Wig?

Since your wig is made from natural European human hair, you can wash it just like your own hair using good, salon quality products. However, since the hair doesn't actually come into contact with your own scalp, you don't need to wash it more than once every week to 10 days! How easy is that? Then you just style it the way you used to style your own hair. You can blow dry it or use product. We have excellent care instructions that are easy to follow. The inside of your wig should be cleaned out each night with a bit of warm water and Dawn dishwashing liquid to remove the oils that are deposited on the inside from your scalp each day.